Friday, 26 May 2017

Board of Directors




Mr. Andrei Chistov (Ukraine) 




Vice President

Mr. Ali Arik




Honorary Vice President

Miss Barbara Falsoni (Italy)





General secretary

Mrs. Evgenia Borshevska (Ukraine)




President for Asia

Dr. Mohsen Khorrami (Iran)




Media relations

Assistant to the President

Mr. Alexander Borshchevskiy




 President for Europe

Mr. Nenad Padori




 President of Central and South America

Mr. Elmer Alvarado





President for Arab countries

Mr. Hisham Boustani





  Vice President for Arab countries
  Director of MMA-boxing style

 Mr. Hilal Mohamad





Mr. Shohrad Allayev

Vice president for Central Asia





Councillor to the president

Mr. Sevindik Mekhtiev

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Technical and Ring Officials Committee



Mr. Patrizio Rizzoli (Italy)




Chief Referee

Mr. Rustam Hamitbaev (Ukraine)



Chief Referee

Mr. Daniel Marsiglia (Italy)


Merchandise Department



Mr. Ali Hazer Deniz (Turkey)