Mr. Khorrami, Vice-President of the WMMAF and President of the same federation in Asia, taught and trained coaches and athletes in Jakarta and some other cities in Indonesia within a 10-day course held from 21-30 December 2020.
He consequently awarded them international certificates.

The World Championship 2019 was  heldon November 1-3  in Marina di Carrara (Italy) in CentroFiere. The host was Patrizio Rizzoli, the WMMAF representative for Italy.

Regretfully the organization of the Championship was far from being good. In the first place the very idea of holding the event together with the other 30 international organizations each doing their own event in the same place turned out to be untenable. As a matter of fact it was a mess. Our participants were accommodated in different hotels, some of them were situated at about 25 km from the venue. The transfer was badly organized and it had to be shared with the other organizations.  All the events were held in the huge complex normally used for fairs which looked like hangar, there were no chairs , no places for the audience. To make things worse the Consulates of Italy in several countries (India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine, Turkmenistan and others) denied entry visas to Italy regardless of all the necessary documents. However the fighters as always showed their best and the fights were thrilling. Apart from Italian fighters there were participants from Russia, Poland, Greece, Iran, Turkey, Morocco, Lebanon, France, Tajikistan, Nepal, Brazil, Latvia.

The real hero and sensation of the World Championship was Abdullo Khodzhaev the fighter from Iran, the trainee of Dr. KHORRAMI, the WMMAF President for Asia. Abdullo was proclaimed the best fighter of the World Championship. The team from Russia was very impressive, the Russian fighters showed excellent performance and won many medals.

We sincerely wish all our members good luck and many victories in 2020 and hope to see you all in our forthcoming events.

Abdullo Khodzhaev (Iran) — the best fighter of the World Championship

Abdullo Khodzhaev in attack
Glimpse of fight
Glimpse of fight
Glimpse of fight
Team from Russia
Italian fighter rejoicing in victory
Team from Morocco
Andrei Chistov, WMMAF President, Dr.Khorrami, WMMAF President for Asia
and Iranian fighters
Lucio Salvetti — the chief doctor of the World Championship, one of the
best sports physicians in Italy. He did an excellent job during the event.
Gold medal Winner from Greece
Newcomers from Nepal
Ali Arik, the WMMAF representative for Turkey with the Turkish
fighter, the new World Champion
Hicham Boustani, the WMMAF representative for Lebanon with his son
Carlo — both of them participated in the Championship
Siamak Khorrami, the WMMAF representative for Iran with his fighter
Abdullo Khodzhaev and Eugenia Borshevska, the WMMAF Secretary General