The World Mixed Martial Arts Federation  (WMMAF)
was founded in Monza, Italy back in 2003 with the name of
the World Kick-Jitsu Federation.
The name was later changed to the WMMAF.

The reason for the name change is quite obvious.
We pursued the idea to develop not only kick-jitsu but also the other styles of the MMA both light (suitable for children, young people under 18 and veterans) and tough.
Hence we opted for 5 styles which are currently presented in our amateur events:
MMA Light
MMA Full
MMA Elite (the toughest style suitable also for pro-fights adding elbow techniques and several submission techiques which are not used in amateur fights)
MMA Grappling
MMA Musical Forms (with and without weapons)

Basically we are amateur organization with pro fights department and separate rules for pro-fights

The headquarters of the WMMAF is currently in Kiev, Ukraine.